Tuesday, May 28, 2024

How to get your COVID-19 vaccination certificate

Australians are being asked to undergo a “simple step” to prepare themselves for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout next week.

The Federal Government has announced that all COVID-19 immunisations will be logged on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), forming a vaccine certificate that Australian citizens and visa holders will be able to access.

To ensure you receive a vaccination certificate, the Government is urging all Australians to link their Medicare and myGov accounts.

Government Services Minister, Stuart Robert said it was a simple but vital step for all Australians set to receive the vaccination.

“Linking your myGov and Medicare digital accounts is a simple step you can take right now that will help you and your family be ready for a vaccinated Australia,” he said.

The government has outlined how to link your Medicare and myGov accounts. Picture: Supplied

Mr Robert has also called for Australians to ensure their elderly relatives’ details were up to date.

More than five million vaccines are already registered online, which Mr Robert said would be protected by “state-of-the-art” cybersecurity.

He said Australians would have access to their COVID-19 immunisation certificates within days of receiving the vaccine.

Services Australia General Manager, Hank Jongen said “critical enhancements” had been made to the Australian Immunisation Register in preparation for the COVID 19 vaccine rollout.

To link your Medicare and myGov accounts, follow this Services Australia link.

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