Thursday, July 25, 2024

Great 60th anniversary gift for John and Yvonne

Parramatta couple, John and Yvonne Attard, are marking 2024 as the biggest year in their marriage yet, with not only 60 years of wedded bliss under their belt but also their first great grandchild on the way.

Bolton Clarke Pemulwuy resident, John, turned 85 on June 19 following Yvonne’s 80th birthday on the 14th.

The pair celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary on the June 27, putting on their wedding finery to mark the occasion.

“June was a huge month of celebrations and I’m just so grateful we got to be together for it – I dressed up like a bride for our anniversary to try and bring back a memory for him and it was so special,” Yvonne said.

“Our love story is one made in heaven – we always met in a church.

“In 1949 my family and I came to Australia from Malta before returning in 1956 to see my brother – who was a well-known musician – on his travels. During that time John had come out from Malta to Australia in 1957.”

Yvonne and her mother returned to Australia after her father died in London during their travels.

“I was about 15 when my cousin invited me to a Maltese Festa at St Mary’s Cathedral where I met John for the first time,” she said.

“He asked me out but I said no because I was still studying singing and my mother had said I was only young so no boys at this age.

“It wasn’t until I was 19 and sitting in church for a christening that I spotted John again but I didn’t remember him at the time.

“When I went outside to speak with him, I thought I recognised his voice and he asked if I was allowed to go on a date with him now or whether I still had to ask for my mother’s permission!”

John and Yvonne were engaged and married soon after, raising four children together and building the home in Parramatta where Yvonne still lives 60 years later.

“We were on both sides of the world and ended up meeting twice in church four years apart.

“It’s been an amazing life together, we have been to the top of the world in Iceland and all the way back down at the bottom here in Australia.

“We have always been there for one another and never been apart and we love each other with all our hearts.”

Yvonne says she is grateful to have had 60 years together with John and attributes their long and happy marriage to their persistence in being there for one another.

“If you ever have any arguments, you never go to bed without saying sorry to each other.”

“I think always being honest and never lying or hiding things from one another is really important too,” she said.

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