Friday, June 21, 2024

275,000 home care packages promised in aged care reform

The Federal Government has promised to deliver 80,000 extra home care packages over the next two years, despite a Royal Commission finding last year that more than 100,000 were waiting on a package.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety found that as at June last year, around 103,000 senior Australians were still without a promised care package.

The Commission proposed the government clear the backlog of package deliveries by December 2021.

Health Minister, Greg Hunt has insisted there will be enough packages provided to clear the country’s current shortfall.

He said 12,000 would be given to those with the highest level of care needs, with a further 5,000 earmarked for those with basic care needs to be reallocated.

In total, more than 275,000 home care packages will be delivered to older Australians by 2023, the Government has promised.

Catholic Health Australia has welcomed the budget announcement, calling the $17.7 billion package a landmark moment for older Australians.

CHA is part of the Australian Aged Care Collaboration (AACC), which represents more than 1,000 providers.

“This is a landmark moment for older Australians. In the last 12 months, aged care has exploded onto the public consciousness because of the COVID pandemic, the findings of the aged care Royal Commission and the Aged Care Collaboration’s 50,000 petitioners across the country,” said CHA CEO, Pat Garcia.

“The budget announcement is a welcome recognition of the community’s changing priorities and a legacy defining moment for the Morrison government.”

Mr Garcia said the aged care sector was ready to work with Government to implement these reforms immediately.

“These are large commitments, and we urge the Government to deliver on the timetable for reform,” he said.

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